Welcome to one of my favorite topics....Genetics/Heredity.....there are many reasons why I like it so much. Perhaps it is because it is rooted microscopically in the DNA molecule and expresses its effects on a macroscopic scale, with our eye color, height, health, etc.

We will be using a lab module called Crazy Traits to illustrate the connection between the environment, natural selection, and an organisms genetic make-up. Students will build organisms and see how well adapted they are to a changing environment. I will be posting pictures as we get into this fun lab.

Below is a link to the packet we will be using as a base for DNA/genetic/heredity studies. Some of it will be a review of previously learned material and some will be new information and application when studying this fascinating field. There are many careers in this area that will be explored as we go from DNA to RNA to protein to environment. Many advances have been made and some of the most prominent will be highlighted on this page for further study.

Your Genes, Your Choices
Discussion Questions-Ch 3

Video Clips & Discussion Questions:
Avian Flu
Alzheimer's Disease
Bt Corn
Classical vs. Transgenic Breeding
Discussion Questions

Support Video/Articles:
Designer Foods
Agriculture Biotechnology
Genetic Engineering Concerns
Respiratory System for Health

Want to know more about the topics mentioned in your packet?
Albinism Information
Huntington's Disease
Sickle Cell Anemia
Genetic Link to Heart Problems
Pros & Cons of Genetic Engineering
Biotechnology Video
Biotechnology Careers

Future of Biotechnology: Response Video!!!

Make sure you look at at these for a clearer understanding of genetics!!!

Khanacademy Introduction to Heredity

Khanacademy Punnett Square Fun!

Khanacademy Sex-Linked Traits

Khanacademy DNA

Khanacademy Chromosomes, Chromatin, Chromatid

Exploring Our Molecular Selves video-good for studying DNA to protein!!!

Cracking the Code of Life-NOVA

Genetics Vocabulary

This a great review of DNA structure & replication:o) Click the link to get started!
DNA Game!!!

Make a Mutation or Copy a Clone & More: click for a fun way to explore genetics!!!
Genomes & More

Practice Genetic Problems:o)
Fun genetics problems!!!

Check this site out if you are fascinated about the world of forensic science!
Forensic Science