NOVA: Memory & the Brain

Composition Notebook Page Order:
p 1-4 Table of Contents
p 5-15 Body Systems
p 16 Skeleton - Bone Label & Coloring
p 17 Skeletal System Webquest (bundle of needed!)
p 18 Bone Anatomy
p 19 Bone Label Quiz
p 20 Skeletal System Study Guide
p 30 Muscle Man- 8 muscles to label (for test)
p 31 Skeletal Muscles- close-up example
p 32 3 Types of Muscles

How The Body Works For Kids- good website!
Secret Life of 118 Green Street video- This is a Must See!
Human Body Systems- Summary of 11 Body Systems


DID YOU KNOW? There is enough food in the world to feed everyone if it were properly distributed!

Students will view and discuss sections of the DVD RX For Survival, produced by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Merck Pharmacy Company.
World Food Prize Website
Here are a few Nutrient Deficiency Diseases Associated with Nutrient-Deficient Diets:
Fighting night-blindness due to lack of Vitamin A:
Golden Rice Information
Legend of Vampires & Pellagra

Nails for Breakfast

Health/Anatomy Games: anatomy arcade

Reproductive System
Dr D's Birds and Bees Bridge to Adolescence part 1
Dr D's Birds and Bees Bridging to Adolescence part 2
Dr D's Birds and Bees Human Life Machine part 1
Dr D's Birds and Bees Human Life Machine part 2

Skeletal System
Skeletal System- Introduction
Khan Academy Skeletal System
Bill Nye Skeletal & Muscular System
Skeletal System Game Review
Good website for bones!
Skeletal System WebQuest
Skeletal System Study Guide
Skeletal System Study Guide Key

Muscular System
Muscular System Slide Show
Kids Health "Your Muscles"
Muscular System Video
Muscular System Study Guide
Muscular System Study Guide Answer Key
Lesson 13-Exploring Muscle Fatigue
How do I measure the rate at which my muscles get tired during exercise?
How do I plot the data about my muscle fatigue on a graph and analyze patterns?

Digestive System
Digestive System- part 1
Digestive System- part 2
Digestive System- part 3
Digestive System: Tracking Food

Lesson 2- Movement Through The Digestive System
What is the purpose of the digestive system?
How do I build a model of the digestive tract?
How does food move through the digestive tract?
What is the function of mucus in the digestive tract?

- measure a model of the digestive system on the plastic tubing & simulate food moving through with a tennis ball!

Lesson 3- Exploring Carbohydrates
What are carbohydrates?
Where are carbohydrates found and in what forms?
How do I perform a chemical test to determine the presence of sugar and starch in different foods?
Why do I need carbohydrates in my body?

Lab using indicators Lugols & Benedicts Testing!
Photos of Sugar, Starch, & Protein Tests

Lesson 4-Digestion in the Mouth
What is Mechanical Digestion?
What is Chemical Digestion?
What is an Enzyme?

Lab investigating the enzyme Amylase!

Amoeba Sisters: Biomolecules
Amoeba Sisters Enzymes

Lesson 5-Digestion in the Stomach
How is chemical digestion in the stomach performed?
What roles do hydrochloric acid (HCl) and pepsin play in the chemical digestion in the stomach?
Why does do I need protein in my body?

Lab involving Pepsin, Hydrochloric Acid, and Protein Digestion!
Lab Video

Lesson 6-Diffusion and Active Transport
How do I use models to show how substances spread out?
How do certain substances pass through a membrane by diffusion?
What does diffusion mean?
What is the difference between diffusion and active transport?
Why are both diffusion and active transport necessary for the absorption of nutrients?
What are the digestive processes in the small intestine?

Lesson 7-Surface Area and Absorption
How do I calculate the surface area of a cube and a rectangular solid?
How do I increase the surface area of a cube while working within limits?
How do I build a model of a cross-section of the small intestine?
How do I calculate and compare the surface areas of folded and unfolded strips of tickets?
What is the relationship between surface area and absorption in the small intestine?
What happens to undigested food and water in the large intestine?

Lesson 14-The Body in Balance
Which functions in my body are automatic?
How can I maintain a constant temperature of water?
How do i maintain a constant body temperature?

Amoeba Sisters Homeostasis

The Overtaken Documentary: Prescription Drug Addiction

Lesson 10: "Assessing Breathing Models"
Introduction to the Respiratory System, lab includes making a working lung model out of a syringe, a balloon, and water!

Lesson 11: "How Much Air Can You Exhale?"
Complete a Sponge Lab to model how the lungs hold air!
Assemble a device to measure the volume of your exhaled air!
Bill Nye: Respiration part 1
Bill Nye Respiration : part 2
Bill Nye Respiration part 3
Lesson 12: "Recipe For Energy...Cellular Respiration!"
Examine oxidation, combustion, & cellular respiration!
Document the flow of inhaled and exhaled air!
Pam Laffin: A Smoker's Story
Lesson 13: "Releasing Energy From Food"
Compare energy value of two foods!
Respiratory System Quiz

Great videos to review the Respiratory System Anatomy & Processes Involved with Respiration
Khan Academy The Bronchial Tree
Khan Academy Inhaling & Exhaling
Khan Academy How Does Lung Volume Change?
Khan Academy Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration
Khan Academy Respiratory System Review
Lesson 14: "The Pumping Heart"
Heart Anatomy Quiz
Lesson 15: "Factors Affecting Heart Rate"
Bill Nye Circulation Part 1
Bill Nye Part 2
Bill Nye Part 3
Lesson 16: "The Heart Meets Resistance"

Lesson 17: "The Respiratory and Circulatory Systems Review"

Dark Side of the Sun- Skin Cancer Education
Good Skin Cancer Prevention Video- Worth Watching!!!

Interesting video on the disease anorexia; this is a very informative one!!!
Anorexia video
Good site to review bones, heart, & more!

Nova's Dying To Be Thin

How does "whack-a-bone" sound? Click the following link for many great games and review on the human body systems!
Anatomy Arcade

Health Resources