Zombies, Vampires, and Pumpkins....oh my......science is EVERYWHERE:o)

The Science of Some Halloween Legends- Untamed Science!

Check out what is going on in the world of science: some current events, some history, & some are just cool sites!

I've found these are definitely worth your time....hope you like them!! If you have a suggestion for this page, please email me with the site address or app name. Mrs. Creel


Engineering Essay Contest! Win $500.00!!!

Engineer Your Life

Figure This: Take A Challenge!

Mystery Photo: click on the link to find out more! Flying Rhino

WWF transports black rhinoceroses by helicopter
WWF transports black rhinoceroses by helicopter

This is an interesting site to venture into....take a walk on the moon or dig up a fossil!
Smithsonian Website

Wanna watch a polar bear live cam?? Or maybe you want to learn how to save our endangered big cats?? Perhaps you just love great photos, stories, and shows on animals?? Click the link for a great animal resource:
National Geographic-Animals

Can't get enough "under the sea" coverage?? Join Emmy Award-winner underwater cinematographer and producer of Jonathan Bird's Blue World, Jonathan Bird by clicking on the following link:
Jonathan Bird's Blue World

Sports Science:
Science & Football

GET INSPIRED.....check this out:o)

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs "How To Live Before You Die"

Can science help you play a better game?
Physics of Basketball

Cool video about 2 young artists who are growing coral reefs as art. Click on the link to find out more!!!
Art & Science

Chemistry & Makeup??? Click on the link for a "blushing" example :o)
Chemistry of Makeup

Nobel Prizes
Nobel Prize Winners 2011

World Food Prize
World Food Prize

Getting paid to create video games!
Video game career

Here's a great site for an at home laboratory...click the link for 52 science experiments you can try!
52 science experiments
Cool Apps