8th Science & 7th Health

This web page is a work in progress. This page is also linked to Cherokee School Districts page and the 8th & 7th grade homework page.

8th grade science is an integration of Life, Earth, and Physical science with an emphasis on Physical science. We start the year out by reviewing and expanding on the scientific method, inquiry-based learning, and lab skills/safety. We then move to Properties of Matter by reviewing basics of solids, liquids, and gases. We include mass, volume, and density of regularly-shaped solids, irregularly-shaped objects, liquids, and finally gases. The introduction to heat energy is brought in looking at the various ways substances react to heat and how it can change its volume and chemical make-up as well. Students make liquid and gas thermometers and compare their effectiveness against a "real" thermometer. Real-world examples are looked at dealing with density and other properties of matter. We always review previously learned material as our base and build on that while discovering new technologies for the future. As we give students the opportunity to practice 21st century skills, 8th grade science students use a variety of technology skills to communicate research, ideas, and original solutions to real-world problems.

7th Health has expanded this to meet twice a week for the entire school year. Topics covered include Reproductive, Digestive, and Skeletal Systems. This also includes research into cancer, viruses, drug prevention, healthy choices, etc.